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Our experienced sales team is available 5.5 days a week to help you,with your product needs. Receive expert advice,
custom solutions and guidance on product specifications, special orders or availability.
We pride ourselves on our close customer relationships, call today.
Hours of operation: M-F 9am-10pm
Manager: Ms. Nicole                                      Manager: Ms. Alice           
MSN:                          MSN:
Skype:chinabesnt                                          Skype:szbesnt
Manager: Ms. Juny                                         Manager: Ms. Cherry            
MSN:                             MSN:
Skype:besnt808                                              Skype:besnt819
Manager: Ms. Linda                                        OEM:Andy Yan          
MSN:                          Skype:besntgroup            
Technical Support:Our technical support team is here to help you through all of your installation needs and beyond.
Contact us by email
We will respond the next business day.
Remark: If you are not satisfied with our products or service,Please give complaint to our
TEL:+86-755-82992185  82995433  82995325
FAX: +86-755-82991815
Address:Floor 21 Block B Zhongshen Garden Caitian Road Shenzhen China
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